Best Man Speech Honors Friendship As It Ushers In The Future

Beat man speech

The best man at a wedding usually knows the groom well and can give a heartfelt or amusing speech that reflects the relationship. It is generally given at the wedding reception and lasts a few minutes. The purpose should be to wish the newly married couple well.

When a guy gets married, a person close to him usually delivers a best man speech at the wedding to wish him well in his new life as a married man.

A great best man’s speech is funny and sentimental, honoring his friendship with the groom and wishing him and the bride luck and happiness throughout their marriage.

The person chosen as best man may not be an experienced public speaker, but giving a memorable sendoff is an excellent skill.

Why Does A Best Man Give A Speech?

The best man is typically the best friend, brother, or other person with the closest relationship to the groom. When a person is honored by being asked to stand up at a wedding, there is sometimes an expectation that you offer a toast. While more than one groomsman might give a speech, it is typically expected of the best man.

When he gives his speech, it can be funny or sentimental. Typically, there are some aspects of each included. The address is usually offered in honor of the couple and often recaps the groomsman’s relationship with the groom. Although sometimes the best man’s speech does embarrass the groom a bit, the object is not to make anyone uncomfortable.

Occasionally, the groom’s best friend may be a woman, and she will do the honors at the ceremony and reception. She is often called the best woman or honor attendant instead of the best man.

The groom's best firend or borther might give the best man speech at the wedding

When is the Best Man Speech?

Speeches are customary during the wedding reception and are given in a traditional order. The father of the bride’s speech is first as he is viewed as the host of the wedding reception. The groom might speak next to thank everyone for sharing on their special day; at modern weddings, the bride speaks as well. After that, there is a maid of honor speech, followed by a best man speech.

It is worth noting that the groom’s father may give a wedding speech; however, since the groom’s family often hosts the rehearsal dinner, they sometimes speak at that event.

Everyone who speaks should focus on the happy couple in a way appropriate for celebrating a wedding day.

What Is A Good Best Man Speech About?

When writing a great speech as the best man, there is an expectation that you cover certain things. So what do you say in a best man speech if you want to make sure you hit the mark:

  • How You Met: A fun tactic to start the speech is how the best man and groom met. This can be especially endearing if you have been friends since childhood and have stories from that era.
  • Funny Stories: Within the speech, most groomsmen tell funny stories and antics that the men have experienced together. Remember that while it is okay to tell funny or slightly embarrassing stories, you want to avoid anything that might be perceived as offensive.
  • First Time the Best Man Met the Bride: Another great angle is how the best man met the bride. Getting to know your best friend’s new wife might come with amusing or cute stories to share with the wedding party and guests.
  • Make Connections: In a good speech, you combine the stories with transitions or a common theme rather than tell random stories in isolation.
  • Heartfelt Well Wishes: It is appropriate to wish the bride and groom well using words such as a “lifetime of happiness” or “never-ending love.”
Best man soeech may pull from a lifetime of memories

What Is A Good Wedding Toast For A Best Man?

What is the difference between a speech and a toast? A toast can be very brief. You can offer up a toast in just a few words. An example is simply raising your glass and saying, “To the newlyweds.”

The best man’s speech usually ties a toast into it. As you wrap up the speech, the best man toast comes near the end and typically works as a conclusion to the speech. One might say, “I am honored to be standing here beside (groom’s name) on his big day and ask everyone to raise a glass to the bride and groom.”

Best Man Speech Tips

Are you looking for tips on writing a great speech?

  • Icebreaker: Often, people don’t think of speeches as needing an icebreaker. In the context of a speech, the icebreaker is just a short anecdote to hook the audience. You want those listening to feel compelled by your story right from the beginning, and you can do that by kicking off with a strong opening line.
  •  Sentiment: Sometimes, men tend to lean toward a funny speech as they struggle with showing emotions, but this is when it is perfectly acceptable to show your sentimental side. Why has the groom become a great friend to you? It’s okay to share that. You can even add a love quote.
  •  Stories: Plan to share a couple of stories from your friendship and illustrate what a great guy the groom is.
  •  Be Brief: Most best-man speeches are 2-5 minutes long. Don’t talk for too long.
  •  Conclusion: Like any speech writing, it is essential to bring the speech to a close. Typically you end the speech by inviting others to raise their glass and toast the bride and groom. The toast can be a simple one-liner.

Who Does A Best Man Thank?

It is appropriate to thank the hosts of the wedding. Of course, you want to thank the groom for asking you to be the best man. Lastly, the best man can thank the bride for making the groom so happy, which is a lovely way to pull the bride into your speech.

Best man speech congratuates the couple

What Should A Best Man Not Say?

When making your best man speech outline, ensure you recognize things you should absolutely not do or say. The last thing you want to do is offend anyone at the wedding. Here goes:

  • Please do not make the speech about you.
  •  Do not tell stories that embarrass the groom, bride, or family.
  •  Do not tell dirty jokes, and avoid inside jokes.
  •  Do not talk about the groom’s ex-girlfriends.
  •  Do not ignore the bride. As the best man, you are welcoming her into your friendship.
  •  Only talk for a short time.
  •  Refrain from reading right off of a piece of paper.

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