Business Thank You: Showing Appreciation Wins Ongoing Support

Thank you for your business

A business thank you speech shows appreciation for what someone has done. The thanks could be directed at the whole company, specific employees or departments, angel funders, or even customers. While a business might express gratitude in other ways, such as via social media, emails, or mail, a business thank you speech might be given at an event. 

Need to say “Thank you” to show appreciation for what employees or others connected with your business have done? Often, you offer a business thank you verbally. Sometimes the people you are thanking are all assembled in the same space, such as at an appreciation or awards luncheon. Technology has allowed businesses to thank people verbally through a video that can be emailed, texted, or shared on social media.

When Might A Company Want To Say Thank You To Staff or Customers?

When would a company or business want to thank customers or staff? Some reasons to thank customers include: thanking them for the patronage of their business, loyalty, and patience if an order takes time to fulfill.

Businesses could find themselves expressing gratitude toward staff for many reasons also. Examples include thanking them for hard work, excellent attendance, exceptional production or output, on-the-job safety, and longevity within the customer.

Business thank you to staff

How Might a Company Say Thanks to Customers?

There are a lot of ways a business can say thank you.

  • Coupon: what better way to show customer appreciation than to give your customer money off or a free item? Sending coupons to loyal customers is a great way to solidify a positive customer experience.
  • Gift Card: Sending gift cards is a popular method businesses use to reward customer loyalty or show special appreciation to employees.
  • Handwritten Note: Sometimes, the best thank you adds the personal touch of a handwritten note to tell a client that their business is valued or to thank them for bringing in a referral.
  • Thank You Email: Although an email is less personal than a handwritten letter, it is an excellent way for a business owner to show a valued customer that their business is appreciated.
  • Thank You Letter: Businesses often send letters or thank you cards to clients or customers. It does not matter if it is a computer generated or a handwritten note, as customers appreciate being acknowledged.

What Is The General Structure Of A Business Thank Speech?

All speeches need three basic parts, the introduction, the body of the speech, and a conclusion. In the intro, you should explain who you are and your connection. For example, you might say, “I am (name), and I am president of (company).”

Within the body of the speech, one might say, “I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal customers for bringing us referrals, having patience when we take time to fill orders, and offering feedback with new products.” Notice in the body, we offered three specific things arranging gratitude. Offering thank yous with specific reasons feels much more personal to the person listening.

Lastly, you want to end the speech. “Without our customers, the business would be nothing which is why we are here today for this customer appreciation luncheon. Without all of you, we cease to exist. Enjoy the meal.”

Who Might Be The Recipients Of A Business Thank You Message?


Businesses might send a thank you to all of the employees of a company to show appreciation for all the hard work they have done. An example of a thank you to employees:

“Valued employees, we truly appreciate all the extra effort everyone has put into making this year one of our biggest yet. Customer satisfaction is at an all-time high, our bottom line is markedly improved, and we are retaining staff. To show our appreciation, our whole team will receive a bonus in their next paycheck.”

One Specific Employee Or Department

When a person or department does something exceptional, such as finishing a big project or bringing in new business for the company, an employer should show appreciation.

“Today, we would like to recognize (name) for their hard work drawing in new customers. (Name) This year has brought in more new clients than any other employee, and the team at (company name) is thrilled to have him on our team.”


Sometimes businesses can publicly thank people who have offered financial backing. A “thank you so much” goes a long way.

“We appreciate those who have helped us grow the business through their financial backing. When we started as a very small business, we had no idea where this would take us. Thanks to so many people who believed in our mission, we can be standing here today a much different company than when we started.”

Business thank you to investors


Often businesses rely on vendors to help keep them supplied and productive. These business relationships are essential for both parties. Showing thanks and appreciation can only improve business relationships, especially for small businesses.


Thanking customers can be a vital tactic for growing your own business. Repeat customers are often the bread and butter of a company, particularly a new business. Offering sincere thanks in the form of a handwritten card, percentage off gift, or other perk can help increase customer retention.

“As a thank you to our loyal customers for their continued patronage, we are holding a customer appreciation cookout this weekend. Please mark your calendar and join us for an afternoon of food, fun, and festivities.”

Another example:

“Thank you for supporting my small business. Each and every order I receive is important to me, and I work hard to ensure that every order is filled quickly and accurately because customer satisfaction is my number one goal.”

Gift cards to say "thank you"

What Are Some Tips For Giving A Business Thank You Speech?

As a business owner, you may wonder the best way to show appreciation. If you have the chance to thank customers for their business verbally, take the time to do so. A short “thank you for your order” can go a long way to showing gratitude.

People who are unhappy tell at least three people, while often satisfied customers do not tell anyone. However, if you make your business stand out with exceptional customer service, that will travel quickly via word-of-mouth. Adding a quick note to an order takes you very little time and is a lovely, personal touch that will solidify business owners’ customer relationships.

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