Speech Topics To Showcase Your Knowledge And Intrigue Your Audience

Speech topics

The best speech topics are ones that your audience is interested in, and you are not only interested in but informed about. Depending on the occasion, your topics might be the subject of a persuasive, informative, or motivational speech.

Giving a speech? There’s an ocean of topic ideas out there. The question is: How do you choose something that will generate interest from your audience? The best speech topics showcase your expertise and appeal to your listeners.

How Do You Decide What Speeches Are Of Interest To Your Audience?

When selecting persuasive speech topics or subject matters for an informative or motivational speech, the first thing that you have to do is know and analyze your audience. And this goes beyond just knowing the demographics of your audience members (e.g., their age, gender, education, religion, ethnic background, career, and social class). 

More importantly, you must evaluate their knowledge level of a specific topic. So, for instance, if you will speak before high school students and you want to talk about renewable energy, you must ask: What’s their level of understanding about the topic? Are they familiar with technical terms? 

You must also factor in their attitude toward the topic and their expectation about your speech. How does the topic relate to them? Renewable energy will lead to less pollution, cleaner air and water, and a reduced carbon footprint in the future.

Speech topics - renewable energy for kids

For example, if you will deliver an informative speech discussing the legacy of a historical figure before youngsters in their hometown, expect your audience to want to know more about that person through your speech. Therefore, you must tailor your topic and narrative to showcase the historical figure’s life and their impact on society in a way that will appeal to your audience.

What Should Guide You In Selecting A Topic?

Your audience’s interest isn’t the only consideration when selecting a topic. ‌Public speaking coach Andrew Dlugan mentioned three key things to consider and advised choosing topic ideas where these things intersect.

  1. What you know. Though it’s not a requirement for you to be an expert on the topic you will discuss, at the very least, you must have sufficient knowledge about it. This will help you gather research materials more efficiently and deliver your piece more confidently. For instance, if you know about zoos and exotic animals, you might want to revolve your speech around topics related to these. 
  2. What you care or are passionate about. What do you feel strongly about? Which topics do you genuinely care about? Your passions in life can also serve as your compass when deciding which speech topics to choose. Your enthusiasm will inevitably show when you give your speech; your audience will undeniably feel it, making it more compelling. 
  3. What your audience’s interest is. As stated, you must also consider what matters to your audience. If you’re discussing a topic, ensure that it interests and is relevant to them. Whether you’re giving a persuasive, informational, or motivational speech, your speech must be something that will enrich their lives.

You can use various research methods to help you find topics that hit all these marks. 

You can think at the top of your head (or better yet, create a personal inventory that lists topics you know and care about). You can also search the internet and monitor current happenings to give you an idea of what to talk about in your speech. Additionally, you can brainstorm with peers, colleagues, and people within your circle. 

Speech topics - speak from your expertise

Which General Topics Are Best For Speech?

The effectiveness of a speech depends on many things — from how the piece was written to your tone and body language to the very topic you’ve chosen. Here are general topics that you can play around with for your upcoming speech.

  1. The importance of effective communication
  2. Why emotional intelligence matters
  3. The role of artificial intelligence in the future of healthcare
  4. Your point of view on the death penalty
  5. Human rights of disabled people
  6. Is work-life balance really achievable?
  7. Why 9-to-5 jobs won’t make you rich
  8. How rampant is imposter syndrome
  9. Media’s influence in politics and policy-making
  10. Ethical considerations in today’s digital age

What Are Interesting Topics For Students?

Are you set to deliver a speech before high school and ‌college students? Here are some speech ideas to consider.

  1. How obesity affects one’s self-esteem
  2. Inclusivity among college athletes
  3. When is peer pressure good
  4. The benefits of taking a gap year
  5. Public schools vs. private schools vs. homeschooling
  6. Are internships effective and advantageous?
  7. AI: A boon or bane in the education system? 
  8. Strategies for balancing academics and extracurriculars
  9. Why teens must invest their time in doing community service
  10. Should student bullies be expelled?
Speech topics - teen community service

What Are Some Good Topics For Speeches?

Whether you’re looking for persuasive speech topics, informative speech topics, or ideas for your next motivational speech, count on the list below to give you inspiration. 


There are various types of persuasive speeches (e.g., factual, value, and policy persuasive speech). And there are different kinds of audiences that you want to convince. If you’re looking for speech topics for a persuasive essay or speaking stint, below are some ideas. 

  1. Eliminating generational gaps
  2. Cell phones are doing more harm than good to mental health
  3. Minors tend to be more short-tempered because of violent video games
  4. Reality shows are scripted
  5. Can animal cloning help save endangered species?
  6. Parents are their children’s first teachers
  7. Students must be primarily taught how to think and not what to think
  8. Should juvenile minors be detained?
  9. The law must punish underage driving 
  10. Is ignorance really bliss?


The goal of informative speeches is to convey facts and shed light on truths about a certain subject matter. Here are some topic ideas to consider if you’re delivering an informative speech. 

  1. The truth about fast food advertising
  2. Is global warming real?
  3. How electric cars can help combat climate change
  4. Tips on successful entrepreneurship
  5. The secret to effective time management
  6. How culturally relevant is hip-hop music?
  7. The science behind alternative medicine 
  8. How recycling helps
  9. The impact of ancient civilizations on today’s society
  10. Language and its role in national development
Relevance of hip hop - Tupac & Notorious BIG


Motivational speeches are emotionally charged pieces that are designed to invite people to take action and move the audience’s hearts and minds. They are there to inspire people and even reduce fear or apprehension. 

  1. The power of introverts 
  2. Why it pays to go beyond your comfort zone
  3. Finding passion in your work
  4. The benefits of embracing new cultures
  5. Hard work is not an overrated element of success
  6. Creating a culture of growth at home
  7. The importance of building self-confidence
  8. Why it’s okay to feel average
  9. Practicing gratitude is the key to happiness
  10. How to unlock your true potential

What Are Some Unique Topics?

One of the best ways to have a remarkable ‌public speaking stint is to touch on a unique topic. Whether you’re doing a five-minute speech or a longer one, here are some interesting topic ideas to cover.

  1. Living together before getting married is advantageous
  2. Why books are better than films
  3. Graffiti should be more recognized in the art scene
  4. Should beauty pageants involving children be banned?
  5. Abortion is a form of murder
  6. TV celebrities shouldn’t be involved in politics
  7. Governments must increase sin taxes
  8. The ethical aspect of corporal punishment
  9. White lies are still a lie
  10. Health insurance must cover art and music therapy

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