Best Man Speech Examples To Inspire Your Speechwriting

Best man speech examples

Giving a best man’s speech is an opportunity to share information about the couple based on the relationship between the groom and the best man. When in doubt, look to best man speech examples as you structure your short speech.

The reception is often the most memorable part of a wedding, even though the life-changing vows take place at the ceremony. Memories of the food, the drinking, the dancing, and the speeches live on long after the event. If you are the best man charged with giving a speech for your good friend, how do you make it great?

Here are some best man speech examples to help you structure your words to your friend and his new spouse. If you hope to wow those at the wedding reception and leave your groom feeling touched by the words and memories you share, let us help you.

What Is The Best Man’s Speech Supposed To Be Like?

Although there are different ways to approach the best man speech, there are some common aspects. Here is a best-man speech template for your reference:

  • Introduce Yourself: Establishing your credibility is essential, and this can be done by explaining who you are and your relationship with the groom. During this brief intro, it is appropriate to acknowledge those who have spoken before you. The father of the bride’s speech and the groom’s speech precedes the best man’s.
  • Tell Stories: There is a delicate line to walk when giving the best man speech. While telling a funny story or two is appropriate, you want to avoid sharing any truly embarrassing stories. Your address should be lighthearted and consider the wedding guests present, who may not find specific stories and situations appropriate to share.
  • Pull It Together: While it is expected that you will tell stories, you want to pull the stories together artfully. Sometimes a quote links the ideas; other times, a common theme makes itself evident.
  • Best Wishes: Toward the end of the speech, you will want to share your good wishes to the happy couple. Be sure to share some nice words about the bride, then offer your toast, wishing them a lifetime of happiness.
Stories from when the groom and best may go way back

What Do You Say In The Best Man Speech?

Are you looking for speech ideas? There are many things you could talk about.

  • Meeting the Groom: How did you and the groom meet? How long have you been friends? Is there a funny story about this?
  • First Time Meeting the Bride: If you clearly remember meeting the bride for the first time or your best friend talking about his new love, share those thoughts.
  • Stories From Stages of Life: For a best man and groom who have been friends for a long time, sometimes it is fun to share multiple stories: one from each stage of life. This establishes a fun timeline that culminates with the wedding day.
  • Quotes: Many people pull quotes into a speech to validate an idea or even in an attempt to bring significant ideas together. Quotes also work great as an easy one-liner toast.

Great Best Man Speech Examples

Speech For A Brother

“I am (groom’s name) little brother. What does it say that he asked his little brother to be his best man? Either we are very, very close, or he has no friends. I will let you all decide which is the truth. At any rate, I was honored to be by his side on the most important day of his life. Let’s raise a glass to the bride and groom and wish them a lifetime of happiness.”

Speech For A Best Friend

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming today to share in (Bride’s name) and (Groom’s name) wedding.

The first time I met (bride), I knew she was the perfect woman for (groom). I’m not sure he realized it yet, but if you know (groom) well, you know he’s a slow learner. Fortunately, he figured things out, and here we are. 

When he told all of us he had finally proposed, let’s say none of us was surprised. They have a special relationship and bring out the best in one another. So if you don’t mind raising your glass, I propose a toast to the bride and groom.

Best man speech examplfe for best friend

When Dad is The Best Man

“Good evening, friends and family. Many men are honored to stand by their best friend’s side on their wedding day. I am fortunate enough to say that I raised my best friend. Having known (groom) his whole life, I can safely say I know him well. And when I met (bride) for the first time, I knew they would be perfect together.

Your mother and I always hoped and prayed you would find the perfect woman to stand by your side through life. You have found that in (bride). Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness. To the bride and groom.”

Speech If The Best Man Is A Woman

First, we want to acknowledge that a gender-neutral term is an honor attendant. 

“(Groom) and I have been friends since college and have been inseparable for years. Many of (groom’s) dates were intimidated by our friendship no matter what we said about our brother/sister relationship. I knew (bride) was a keeper the first time I met her, and she hugged me and said, ‘Thanks for being such a great friend to (groom). 

We are here tonight to celebrate the newlyweds. (Bride) I love you as much as (groom) does. He gained a wife, and I gained another best friend. A toast to the happy couple.”

Speech Tips For A Gay Wedding

Giving a speech at a gay wedding is no different than giving one at a heterosexual union. Someone you care about is making a commitment to someone he loves. Talk about what a great guy your friend is. Point out how honored you are to be part of the wedding party. You honor the groom’s life partner, who is a male, just the same as you would if he was marrying a woman.

Talk about how happy they make each other and wish them a lifetime of love and happiness. Don’t make an issue of their sexuality simply because it doesn’t matter.

Best man toast gay wedding

What Are Some Examples Of What Not To Say?

  • Don’t talk for too long. A best many speeches should be 2-5 minutes long.
  • Share some fun stories but only a few. If you tell story after story, the point gets lost somewhere. Pick a few main anecdotes to share and stick to that.
  • Avoid anything too embarrassing. Sure, telling embarrassing stories can make everyone chuckle, but discussing past girlfriends or relationships on his big day is not appropriate. If you think the groom’s parents or grandparents would be embarrassed by the story, you should not tell it.
  • Jokes about the bride are off-limits. Period.
  • Don’t swear. Remember, there are people of all ages at this wedding reception. Remember when we said some stories are best told at the bachelor party?

Other Advice for the Speech

  • Use a great opening line to hook the audience.
  •  Try not to read off of a piece of paper. If you need notes, put a speech outline on a notecard.
  •  Practice your speech and make sure it is a manageable length.
  •  Don’t drink so much that you will struggle to give an excellent speech.
  •  If long speeches aren’t your forte, giving more of a wedding toast is okay.
  •  Be genuine. If you are heartfelt in your comments, the guests will surely be touched.
  •  It is usually advised not to tell inside jokes that others won’t understand.

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