Best Man Speech Template To Create A Lasting Wedding Memory

Using a best man speech template

Best man speeches should be personal to the bridal couple and contains some essential points about the newlyweds. While it can be funny, the speech should ultimately wish the couple well. It should follow a best man speech template so it covers all the points.

As someone close to the groom, the best man traditionally says a few words about him and wishes the happy couple well on their wedding day. Beyond the basics, he has considerable latitude to make it memorable.

Preparing the talk with a best man speech template is a helpful best man speech tip to keep it on track.

What Are The Traditional Responsibilities Of A Best Man?

The person chosen as best man has several duties before and during the wedding.

  • Bachelor Party: Throwing the bachelor party (also known as a stag party) is a big responsibility of the best man. Seen as a last adventure as a single man, it is a right of passage.
  •  Attend Rehearsal: The wedding party members attend a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner the night before the big day.
  • Tend to the Groom: The best man is usually a brother or very close friend of the groom, and he is to help the groom with whatever he may need on the days preceding the wedding and the wedding day.
  •  Wedding Day Duties: There are also duties on the wedding day, such as keeping the groom and groomsmen on time, holding the wedding rings, and serving as a witness to the wedding. Signatures go on the wedding certificate, and those are typically the best man and maid (or matron) of honor.
  •  Best Man Speech and Wedding Toast: The best man typically gives a speech where he tells some stories about the groom. Embedded within the speech is the best man toast.
Best man helping groom at wedding

The best man’s speech was traditionally given after the father of the bride and the groom spoke, while any other toasts followed. In modern weddings, the bride and maid of honor or bridesmaids might speak before the best man. Currently, some wedding advisers suggest that the best man’s speech kicks off the tributes at the reception. The maid of honor, the hosts, and the couple follow him. As with many other aspects of the wedding, the couple can decide their preference for speaking order.

How Long Should The Best Man Speech Be?

Typically the best man’s speech is somewhere from 2-5 minutes long. If your speech is too brief, you may have difficulty expressing the sentiments you wish to convey. The opposite spectrum is also not preferred, as no one enjoys listening to a speech that rambles on.

What Is A Good Best Man Speech Template To Follow?

At the wedding reception, many speeches will occur, including the best man speech. There are many tactics, including going a serious route or delivering a funny best-man speech. Whatever angle you choose to take, there is a basic template you can follow.

  1. Introduce yourself. Your speech opening should include your relationship with the groom. Often this is done with a good opening line so that you grab your audience right from the first few words.
  2.  If there are other speakers before the best man, it is appropriate to thank them.
  3.  Say something funny. In this next section, you should tell a funny story about the groom or your antics together. Avoid exposing any truly embarrassing stories, and do not share anything that isn’t “whole family” appropriate. Use the grandmother test: If you wouldn’t want your grandmother to hear a story like this about you, don’t tell it.
  4.  Congratulate the couple and acknowledge the bride. Say something nice about the bride and share best wishes with them in their marriage.
  5.  Propose a toast. Typically the toast is how the best man wraps up his speech.
Teh best man speech template incude brief stories about the groom

Should You Use Jokes To Use In The Best Man Speech?

Many times people use jokes or just funny one-liner stories during the speech. Your goal is to illustrate what a great guy the groom is, honor both the bride and the groom, and wish them a lifetime of happiness. Most best-man speech examples do insert humor into them, so don’t be afraid to do so.

Although a joke is often funny, many people prefer to personalize their speech with short anecdotes and stories rather than a joke you could find online. Remember that you were asked to participate in your friend’s special day. Make an effort to make your speech memorable.

As people from various generations and different parts of the groom’s life (family, friend groups, work, church, etc.) may be at the wedding, you should not include offensive jokes or comments in your speech. As the speeches may live on in a wedding video, the newlyweds may want something their future children can watch without apology.

Best Man Template Made Easy

As with any speech writing, having a template to follow is helpful. If the above outline needs to be more specific for you, here is an easy template to follow.

Ladies and gentlemen (friends and family), We are here tonight to celebrate the happy couple. I want to say thank you to (groom’s name) for asking me to stand by his side on the most important day of his life. 

I first met (groom’s name) when (insert appropriate item here such as: at school/college/working for, etc.), where we (share a short snippet), and we immediately became the best of friends.

As with any two people, lives change, and, as a result, friendships evolve. (discuss changes such as someone moving, job changes, etc.) 

We’ve been through a lot together, including (insert funny anecdote). One memorable occasion is when we were (insert age, milestone event, etc.) and (tell a story). You would think we would have learned, but then there was the time we (insert another light-hearted story). 

Just when we had given up hope for him, (groom) met (bride), which ended up being the (best/insert another word) thing that ever happened to him. The first time I met (bride), it was evident that (groom) was head over heels in love (tell a story). After dating for (years), (the groom) finally worked up the courage to ask (the bride) to marry him, and here we are.

So, I ask you to raise a glass in a toast to the bride and groom. To Mr. and Mrs. (surname), may your life together bring you (much happiness/a lifetime of marital bliss/a lifetime of love/etc.)

How Can You Tailor The Template To The Groom?

You can tailor your template to the groom, as well you should. If your friend is a very serious individual, leave the jokes out of it. When explaining what a great friend he is to you, leave out the inside jokes that might offend people.

When your buddy is always the life of the party, his friends and family might expect a racier speech by his best man. The point is that it is important to know your groom and your audience.

Best man speech template guides a great speech

What Is A Good Toast For A Best Man?

At the end of your speech, offering up a toast to the bride and groom is customary. A good toast can undoubtedly be a one-liner. Remember that you have already warmed the crowd up as the best man with your speech.

  • Raise your glass to the bride and groom.
  • Offer a toast to (bride) and (groom). Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.
  • Ask everyone can raise their glass to the happy couple. “We are here today to wish them a lifetime of happiness. To (bride) and (groom)!

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