Father of the Bride Speech Template Lays Groundwork For A Personalized Speech

Fatherr of the bride speech templates help orgnaize a speech

The father of the bride speech is an opportunity for a dad to tell his daughter he loves her and wishes her well in her new married life. A father of the bride speech template lays out what should be included, but the father should personalize the speech and make the tone classy, funny, or emotional.

The bride’s father typically gives a speech at the wedding reception. As with all wedding speeches, there is a basic template to follow in order to ensure success. Usually, the speech includes welcoming wedding guests, some funny anecdotes, heartwarming comments about the happy couple, and a toast.

What Should Be Included In Father-Of-The-Bride Speech?

Although there is a lot of flexibility in what to say when giving a father of the bride speech, certain things are standard to include. As the one who is usually hosting the wedding, the bride’s father will thank people for coming to share on the wedding day. Telling some stories about his little girl growing up usually comes next. These can be cute, funny, or touching stories.

It is also tradition to welcome your new son-in-law to the family while including some kind words about this new member of your family. For example, you might include your first impression of the young man who swept your daughter off her feet. Lastly comes the father of the bride toast.

What Does The Father-Of-The-Bride Say When He Gives Her Away At The Wedding?

The tradition of “giving the bride away” is seen to be antiquated by many. Dating back to when the bride was considered to be someone’s “property,” the father of the bride “gave her away” to her new spouse. This was often done in exchange for a dowry. Today, this part of a wedding is ceremonial. Within many wedding vows, the officiant might ask, “Who gives their blessing for this man and woman to be blessed” and both sets of parents may respond. Sometimes the entire congregation speaks up in support of the wedding.

More often than not, the bride is walked down the aisle by her father, father figure, or both parents simply as an act of love. When her father (or parents) reaches the groom, one or both of them might speak to him. Common things to say are “Thank you for making her happy.”

Sometimes, the bride’s father simply shakes the groom’s hand and then walks away. Other times, they hug. At my own wedding, my father placed my hand on my future husband’s hand. He said something like, “Take care of my little girl,” before tearfully walking away.

Falking of the bride walking daughter down the aisle

What Are Some Good Father’s Speech Topics?

Are you looking for some things to talk about on your daughter’s wedding day?

  • Holding Her for the First Time: Most of us remember holding that newborn baby in our arms for the first time and feeling changed inside. What better way to start off your speech?
  • Childhood: Sharing a funny story or two from her childhood can make the wedding attendees chuckle.
  • Teen Years: Sure, the teen years can be awkward, but you also might find some great anecdotes to share. Remember when she learned to drive?
  • New Husband: Be certain to say some kind words about your daughter’s new husband. This can include welcoming the new family member, saying how you can see he makes her happy, etc.
  • Love and Marriage: Include a quote or story about the importance of love and marriage for a nice touch. You could also give advice to the newlyweds.
  • Looking Ahead: Wondering how to wrap up your speech? You could talk about their beautiful future together as you head into your wedding toast. As you wish the happy couple luck, you can do so on behalf of the mother of the bride and yourself.

What Is A Good Father Of The Bride Speech Template?

  • Introduction & Welcome: As it is often the first speech of the night, the bride’s father introduces himself and gives a welcome. He will thank people for coming to share in his little girl’s big day before going into the body of the speech.
  • Stories: The body of his speech is usually filled with funny stories and anecdotes about his daughter’s life. Avoid using cliches during your speech. Your daughter would prefer to hear words from your heart. If you are still happily married to her mother, you might wish the happy couple the same kind of love you and her mother have found.
  • The Groom: Of course, you will want to talk about the groom since he is also a newlywed! Make mention of how special he has become to your family and offer some fond memories of him becoming part of your family. It is also appropriate to mention the groom’s parents and thank them for raising him so well.
  • Wedding Toast: Most wedding speeches end with a toast, and this one is no exception. The father of the bride toast will typically offer some advice for the couple about living a happy life full of love and happiness.
Father of the bride speech template

Tips and Tidbits

  • Brainstorm ideas ahead of time. Pick the very best stories to share.
  • Write down notes. Plan your speech ahead of time.
  • Practice your speech to be certain you don’t slip up or get too emotional.
  • Don’t read right off of a paper.
  • Look up and make eye contact with guests. Also, look at the newlyweds some.
  • Avoid embarrassing your daughter. (too much)
  • Say positive things about the groom and their relationship.
  • Smile.
  • Offer advice or words of wisdom.
  • End with a toast.

What Is A Classy Father-Of-The-Bride Speech?

Good evening, friends and family. For anyone who might not know, I am (bride’s name) ‘s father, and it is my pleasure to thank you all for coming to share in (bride) and (groom) ‘s special day. I am filled with so many emotions as I stand here to give this speech. It feels like just yesterday that she was toddling around in her mother’s heels and grandmother’s pearls… and here we are… with her wearing her own heels and grandmother’s pearls.

From the very first time I met (groom), I knew he was the one for (bride). Her face lights up with joy every time she sees him. His kind heart has captured all of our hearts, and we are thrilled to welcome him into our family. 

(Bride), your mother and I truly hope and pray that you and (groom) have a long lifetime of love and happiness. You will always be my little girl in my heart, even now, when you are all grown up. Everyone, please join me in raising a glass to the newlyweds. To the bride and groom.”

Father of bride sharing a moment at wedding

What Is A Funny Father-Of-The-Bride Speech?

“Good evening, friends and family. If you don’t know me, I am (bride’s name) ‘s father. As the guy footing the bill, I was told I needed to give a speech. I said to my wife, so first, I have to give my little girl to another man, and then I have to act happy about it? Seriously, though. (Groom), we are thrilled with the choice that our daughter has made in her life partner. 

You make her smile even on hard days. Your love and support is unconditional, and we have seen that throughout your dating and engagement. We are thrilled to have you as part of our family and know that you love her as much as we do. Well, you better, if you know what’s good for you.

Again, all kidding aside. I told my wife I would have to joke my way through this to keep from getting emotional. If I could have personally picked a partner for (bride), I could not have done a better job. Everyone raise a glass to the newlyweds.”

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