Father of the Bride Speech Sums Up A Life Of Loving Memories

Fatehr of the bride speech

A father of the bride speech is a traditional speech the father of the bride gives at her wedding reception after the wedding ceremony. It gives the father a chance to express his love and pride for his daughter as she embarks on a new life with her new husband.

The father of the bride often speaks at his daughter’s wedding. Since he is typically the wedding reception host, his speech welcomes guests, thanks people for coming, thanks the officiant, and says a few words about the happy couple. The best father-of-the-bride speeches give some funny and touching insights into the relationship between a dad and his sweet girl.

If you are looking for speech tips, you have come to the right place, as we have an ultimate guide to father of the bride speech writing.

How Can You Make Your Father-of-The-Bride Speech Personal?

As the bride’s father, you probably want to personalize your wedding day speech for your little girl’s big day.

  • Brainstorm with the bride’s mother to share favorite stories or funny anecdotes.
  • Use your daughter’s name throughout the speech.
  • Rather than cliches and overused quotes, speak from your heart. Your words will mean more to your daughter than someone else’s words.
  • There are a couple of first times you may want to discuss in your speech. It could be the first time you held your baby girl, the first time you met your now son-in-law, etc.
  • Consider addressing the groom’s parents to acknowledge what a fine young man they have raised and how happy you are to all be family members now.
The special love between a dad & his daughter comes out in the father of the bride speec

How Long Should The Father-of-The-Bride Speech Be?

Since there are many wedding speeches to listen to, it is customary for them up to 10 minutes long, with most coming in between 6-8 minutes. If you speak too long, it can be easy to lose the audience.

When Does the Father of the Bride Speak?

  • Father of the Bride: The father-of-the-bride traditionally speaks first to welcome the wedding guests. In addition, he acknowledges the groom as the new family member. 
  • Groom: The groom always speaks at the wedding, and the bride is optional. A groom’s speech includes thanking guests on behalf of both newlyweds. The groom thanks everyone who helped make the perfect wedding day possible, starting with his wife’s parents as well as the mother and father of the groom. He will also thank the wedding party attendants, the groomsmen, the bridesmaids, and ushers.
  • Bride: Sometimes, the groom speaks on behalf of himself and the bride. However, if the bride chooses to say a few words, her speech also thanks those who helped make the perfect wedding day. She might share a short story about why this day is so special.
  • Maid of Honor¬†(or Matron of Honor): The bride’s best friend (or sister) speaks next. The best wedding speeches include personal stories about their friendship and offering a toast wishing them luck.
  • Best Man:¬†The best man speech is usually last. He also tells stories about his friendship with his best friend, the groom. This speech also ends with a toast.

Most speeches at a wedding include plenty of “thank yous,” but the featured part of each speech should be content about the relationship of the speaker to the newlyweds and some stories.

Who Gives The Speech If There Is No Father Present?

There are many options on who could give the father of the bride speech in the absence of a biological father. The first question is, did the bride have someone walk her down the aisle? This symbolic act of “giving the bride away” is usually given to a man who has served as a fatherly figure or guided the bride throughout her life. This essential male in her life or her mother could give the speech.

Some relatives who might be father figures include her stepfather, grandfather, or uncle. A close family friend or a brother could also be an appropriate option. Don’t assume that this has to be a man. The bride’s mother or grandmother could also give a speech at the wedding reception.

Father walks daughter down the aisle

What Is The Best Thing To Say In A Father-of-The-Bride Speech?

A father-of-the-bride speech template includes:

Welcome: As the reception host, it is a lovely gesture to welcome all of the wedding guests and thank them for being part of this special day.

About the Bride: Typically, the bride’s father will have a cute and funny story to share about his baby girl. In addition, it would be appropriate to pay your little girl some compliments.

Son-in-law Welcome: Next, you will want to welcome your daughter’s new spouse to the family.

Best Wishes to the Couple: Lastly, the bride’s father will want to extend advice and best wishes to his daughter and new son-in-law.

Father of the Bride Toast: A heartwarming wedding toast is an excellent way to end this wedding speech.

What Are Some Tips For Giving A Father-of-The-Bride Speech?

The father of the bride speech should be 10 minutes or less, to sum up a lifetime of memories. Following a template will help organize and pare down things that might be included so as to capture the best memories.

Father shows love for daughter

Outline: Before speech writing, you should outline everything you want to say.

  • Practice: As with any public speaking, you will do best if you practice. Practicing can be done in front of a mirror, on video, or by asking someone to listen to you speak. Practice will also help you if you start to get emotional.
  • Stay Positive: Avoid including anything that may be construed as negative or sad on your daughter’s special day.
  • Stories: While sharing a cute story or two from your daughter’s life growing up is fun, make sure they are not the ones that would embarrass her.
  • Thank Everyone: Talk to your spouse beforehand to ensure you remember to thank or acknowledge anyone important.
  • Use Quotes Sparingly: There are many beautiful quotes about love and marriage, and while it is okay to use one or two, try to ensure most of the speech is in your own words.

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